Message from Management

Furthering Our Technological Evolution and Developping Innovative Products

Toyocolor Co., Ltd. made its start in April 2012 as an operating company that handles the Colorants and Functional Materials related business of the Toyo Ink Group. As a leading colorants company, we have been providing colors to help enrich the lives of people around the world from more than 20 manufacturing bases in different countries. We offer a broad family of products, including the organic pigments and plastic colorants that are the core materials of the Toyo Ink Group.

Our products satisfy the needs of the times and the diverse demands of consumers. To ensure than our products canfulfill these objectives, we work to continuously further the evolution of our material and process technologies. At the same time, we are expanding our business domains from the area of colorants to electronics, displays, and energy through the development of these products.

In addition to economic development, modern society faces a number of social challenges that need to be solved. As we look to add colors that enrich the lifestyle of people around the world, Toyocolor will also actively promote the development of innovative products that help solve these social issues by furthe pushing the bounds of technological evolution.

Kazuo Semba
President and Representative Director