Message from Management

Being an Essential and Trusted Company

Imagine a world where colors do not exist.
As a core operating company of the Toyo Ink Group, Toyocolor provides color and functional materials to global markets. By using our unique color technology, we have been providing color to people's daily lives for many long years now.

The history of color, especially pigments, dates back to 15,000 years BC. Since prehistoric times, when man depicted images on walls or painted their bodies, up to the present, color has enriched our daily lives in a variety of ways. At the same time, changes in the global environment and technological advances such as the Internet have created new social issues the likes of which the world has never seen before.

It is my hope that, by refining and building on these two leading-edge technologies of "materials" and "processing,” Toyocolor will continually propose solutions that enrich people’s minds through color materials and that solve social issues through functional materials. To this end, we will continue to take on the challenges brought about by social change while always asking ourselves, in what ways can we contribute to the society of tomorrow?

At Toyocolor, we aim to be a company that is trusted and is essential to all our stakeholders, that is to say our customers, suppliers, local communities and employees. By coming together as a group of business professionals who seek to constantly learn, grow and progress, we will work to fulfill our corporate social responsibility of realizing the Group's common vision of “For a Vibrant World.”

Hideki Okaichi
President and Representative Director