Toyocolor takes on the challenge of making compounds of special materials that have a high degree of difficulty in dispersion by utilizing its high dispersion technologies and compound technologies. Toyocolor boasts a track record of compound production by various types of resin. We provide high functionality and molding performance by using the ability to disperse materials that are generally difficult to disperse at a high level, such as carbon nanotubes or heat conductive filler compounds.
We will introduce Toyocolor's compounds, which open up the future through the infinite potential of materials.


Carbon nanotube (CNT) compounds

These products achieve a resistance value range that is difficult with conventional carbon black products by kneading carbon nanotubes into resin at a high concentration. They can be applied for EMI shielding.

Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Compounds

Heat conductive compounds

These compounds are produced by utilizing Toyocolor's dispersion technologies and adding fillers at a high concentration. They feature high heat conductive performance and molding performance and come in an insulation type and a conductive type.

Heat conductive compounds

Permanent antistatic compounds

Toyocolor's polymer-type permanent antistatic masterbatch / compounds provide semipermanent antistatic performance expression immediately after molding by utilizing its original formula designs.

Permanent antistatic masterbatch / compounds


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